Ms Project Tutorial - I have a Boss



A story to tell whether to start with manually scheduling or auto scheduling for your project.



I have a boss. He likes to give timeline for the main task (i.e. Summary Task), and wants me to plan the detailed tasks (ie. Subtask) to meet his timeline.


My boss : "Hi. Liang. I give you 5 days to complete this task. Please plan the details of the work"


With his words, I create the task with manually schedule.



I then plan for the detail works. First, I create a subtask with 2 days. Things looking good as i am still within the timeline - See the blue bar within the summary bar.



When i create the subtasks #2 and #3. Things become bad as i have exceeded the timeline - See the red bar instead of the blue bar now.


I got 2 options now. 


Option 1: Talk to my boss to ask for timeline extension. If he grants it, the result will be like below.



Option 2: Shorten my details tasks duration to meet the timeline. If i make it, the result will be like below.



I decide to ask my boss to give 1 more day for the timeline extension.


My boss replied: "Ok! Liang. I give you 1 more day. Once done, turn all tasks to Auto Schedule now, so that the Project Finish Date can be earlier if you manage to finish your tasks earlier."


With his words again, i change duration from 5 to 6 days. Convert all tasks to Auto Schedule. 



How nice if i can have a boss who can give me full power to manage the project, i can skip this manual schedule. :)


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