Adobe Photoshop Tutorial - How to create a 3D text with rendering effect




Have you ever wonder how people design a 3D text for a logo or even a background? It's actually not as hard as you think.

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate How to create a 3D text with rendering effect.



1. Press File > New > modify it according to the setting given below > Press Ok.


2. Change the foreground color and background color. At last, you will get 2 different colors of squares.


3. Choose the Gradient Tool.


4. Click on the left middle of the image and to the right middle. Then you will get the result photo.




5. Image > Adjustments > Replace Color.


6. Change the fuzziness to 200, saturation and lightness number to +100.


7. Press the Horizontal Type Tool > Change the font to GungsuhChe > 250 Pt.


8. Set the text color. Note: It is just as same as step 2 just with different color code. 


9. Draw a text box inside the picture. Then, write GRAPHIC.


10. Press the 3D button on the top. Note: The "Graphic Layer" must be chosen. You must also be on Horizontal Type Tool mode to press the 3D button near the menu bar.


11. Click on the "GRAPHIC" You will see there are some arrows which each of them representing different axis.


12. You can now either edit the image by clicking and dragging the axis to the angle you want. At here, I click rotate around Y axis(Round dot) and move it using the X axis(Arrow). 

Note: You also can follow this coordinates setting. You can access to the coordinates setting by right clicking the 3D text, choose the Coordinates


13. Right click the text > Materials > Wood Redwood. Note: It is written as Graphic Front Inflation Material at the top, notice, it is not GRAPHIC Extrusion Material(You might right click wrongly).


14. Mesh > Shape Preset > Bever Frame Note: Remember to change the Extrusion Depth to 94.


15. Deform > Shape Preset > Bever Frame. Then follow the below setting.


16. Layers > Add a layer style > Drop shadow... Note: Choose the Graphic layer.


17. Change the setting as below > Press Ok.


18. 3D > Render Note: It will take some time to load, you can check the time remaining. The "Graphic Layer" must be chosen. You must also be on Horizontal Type Tool mode to choose Render.


Before Rendering

After Rendering

Don't forget to save your file! Good Day.


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