Creating Progress Doughnut Chart with Conditional Formatting


Progress Doughnut Chart great for measuring goals & targets. This chart type is used to display the progress (% completion) of a single metric.




Steps to Create Progress Doughnut Chart.


1. Setup a source data for your chart.



To get the remaining percentage of each social media (eg: the Facebook data value is 55%, so the remaining value are 45%. This to make sure both cells value equal to 100%.)


2. In the cell C2, key in the following formula:




3. Select the data for Facebook category, on the Insert tab, In the Charts group, click at the Pie Chart dropdown and select the Doughnut Chart



4. With the chart still selected, on the Chart Tools, Design Tab, select Change Colors and choose the color scheme you want.


(eg: select the Monochromatic colors).



Note: If you want to choose color other than the list on dropdown, click on your doughnut slice then click on Format in Chart Tools then choose your colors from Shape Fill option.



5. In the Chart Tools Design Tab, select Add Chart Element in Chart Layouts, then add the following elements to your chart:


6. Next, for the data label display, drag the data value to center of doughnut hole (eg: 55% for Facebook) and delete the leader line and the 45% data label.


7. Drag your chart title to the bottom of your doughnut. Then you can format the font and color of as you want.




8. To customize your Doughnut slice size, double click on your doughnut then On the Format Data Series, select Series Options and resize your doughnut slice to 65%.



9. You have done the first chart. We will create the doughnut chart for remaining cell range.



10. Press CTRL + D to duplicate existing chart.



11. On the Chart Tools Design tab, click on Select Data. Then highlight the data range that you want, then click OK.



 12. Then repeat step 4 to 8 to customize your charts displays.



You can enhance you chart to make it more infographic by adding the icon to each series. Here is the steps.


13. Delete the Chart Title. Move the Data label to the bottom of the chart.

14. With the chart still selected, on the Insert tab, click at the Pictures button and browse to your image. Then Click Insert. Resize the pictures and move it to the center of the doughnut chart.

 Now we want to remove the color for the 45% data point.


15.  Click twice at the 45% data point. On the Format tab, in the Shape Fill, choose No Fill.



 16. Follow the same step for all the doughnut charts.

Here are some of the example of presenting your data with the doughnut charts.



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